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College Entrance Interviews & Essay Tips Many colleges use an application, essay, and interview process to determine admissions. Use these helpful hints in sample college admission essays for a successful interview and learn how to write the perfect essay. Make Your Application Stand Out Your application is sure to include supplemental materials such as transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation or portfolios. Be sure to include all materials requested, and include details about any student clubs, honor societies, service learning or other extracurricular activities in your essay. The College Interview The Basics A college interview is a chance to show that you're more than just test scores and grades. It's an exchange of information—you learn about the college and the college learns about you. It can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. There's More Than One Type of Interview Interviews vary depending on the school, student, and particular situation. You could find yourself interviewing with an admissions officer, a student, or an alumnus. Other, less formal, interview situations include group information sessions with admissions staff and current students, and high school and local college fairs. If you plan on attending a music, drama, or dance school, plan on performing an audition or submitting a portfolio.
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